The Bath and Camerton Archeological Society (BACAS) is an active local society, with a range of activities and interest areas. Our goal is the promotion of archaeology in all its branches.

BACAS engages in excavations and investigations of general archeological interest, and encourages our members to undertake their own projects, which we are happy to support. We have a highly active geophysics group, which is constantly adding to the understanding of the local archaeological remains. We also have a regular programme of lectures and excursions, which covers periods from the neolithic to world war 2.

Since its inception the Society has led, or been involved in, many exploratory and training excavations and has had an extensive role in the preservation of historic sites and antiquities in Bath and the surrounding area.

The Society publishes an annual journal 'Camertonia' packed with articles about current projects and other items of interests to members. Newsletters are mailed out during the year, to keep members up to date with activities.

BACAS runs a summer members' dig most years. This year's excavation is in progress and all members are welcome to attend. Click on Events for contact details. Prior members' training digs have been held on a multi period site near Laverton in Somerset and more recently on a Romano-British site near Frome.

If you're asking, "Where's Camerton and what has it got to do with anything?" you can read about the Society's background on the [History of the Society] page.

Please note that this website is currently still under construction. Any correspondence or questions about the Society may be emailed to Membership enquiries: click on Membership.

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